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Group Therapy


The Group format was developed to aid the dissemination of useful psychological input to those in need returning following the Great War, WW2, Vietnam etc. and advantages include cost effectiveness, increased access to psychological input and decreased feelings of isolation (“Have you ever seen anything like this before”, “I’ll bet that you’ve never come across anyone as stange as me” and “You must think I’m weird” being very common question or quotes from those seeking treatment) and the use of the other group members experiences as a resource for therapy.


Disadvantages include the dilution of the therapeutic input and the fact the group leader (or facilitator) does not offer therapy per se but psycho-education, as the entire group’s members’ needs have to be met.


Groups ideally range between 6 – 12 members and run over a pre determined number of sessions (depending on the nature of the problem). Each session lasts for 1 hour and 30 minutes and is held on a weekly basis.


As with individual therapy, the emphasis is on the completion of intersessional tasks.


Fees for group therapy may be recoverable under medical insurance plans if a referral is first gained from your general practitioner.


If the full course is paid for in advance a 15% discount will be applied.


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